The Mediator’s Role

When a married couple makes the difficult decision to pursue a California divorce, many will hesitate because of the potential for high costs, a high level of stress and because of the possibility that a litigated divorce can take years to complete. Fortunately, there are alternative methods emerging that provide couples with the opportunity to complete this process without incurring massive expenses and enduring prolonged periods of stress. One such method is California divorce mediation, and anyone who is considering this step should seek the input of experienced San Diego divorce mediation lawyers. Below is the role a mediator tends to fulfill during this process.

Setting the Ground Rules

When parties to a California divorce meet initially with a San Diego divorce mediation attorney, the mediator will generally spend time explaining the ground rules of the mediation sessions. This explanation usually involves instructions regarding the avoidance of arguing and engaging in destructive dialog that can delay if not derail the process. The mediator may also explain the different issues that must be resolved between the parties in order for the final agreement to be valid and alert them to the information they will need to move the process forward.

Keeping Things Moving

It’s common for spouses who are engaged in negotiations towards ending their marriage to become fixated on one issue to the point where the process can stall for a prolonged period of time. A skilled San Diego divorce mediation lawyer will help the parties resolve that particular issue or even request that the parties table that issue for the time being so that more progress can be made. Progress with regards to these sessions can depend somewhat on momentum, so if a mediator can keep the process moving in a positive fashion, it could lead to a resolution of that difficult issue later in the process.

Meeting Legal Requirements

Finally, a San Diego divorce mediation lawyer who understands how to see this process through to completion will also make sure that of the items that must be clearly resolved under California law are properly handled between the parties. This is a critical step in the process because any problems that arise with proper property division or other issues that deal with child custody, child visitation, child support or spousal support could lead to the court not approving the final marital settlement agreement.

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